Grow in the security of Jesus' love and carejesuschildren

Celebrate God's love in worship

Thank God for the world He made

Know that Jesus died on the cross and rose again for them because he loves them

Recite simple prayers

Praise God with music and singing


                                                                               Language Arts

                                                             "Read" picture books                    

books1"Read" from left to right

Recognize their name in print

Recognize letters in their name

Practice writing their name

Listen to stories and retell stories

Grow in language development

Math and Sciencemath1

Count to 10 using one to one correspondence

Identify numerals 1-10

Identify simple shapes

Identify 10 basic colors

Demonstrate the use of all five senses

Sort by color and shape

Identify a day of the week

Talk about the weather outside

Identify different parts of their bodies

Learn healthy habits

Social Skillsplay2

Describe their feelings

Understand that others have feelings

Play cooperatively with others

Share with others

Talk about their family and friends

Share items from home in front of the class

Learn to follow directions


Use their imaginations to create drawings and paintings

Work with play dough

Make weekly crafts connecting to the letter of the week



ball1Large Motor Skills

Move as directed                                 

Catch a rolling

and bouncing ball

Throw a ball

Recognize movement is fun

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